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Academic Article Reliability of the Tuck Jump Injury Risk Screening Assessment in Elite Male Youth Soccer Players.
Academic Article Neuromuscular Risk Factors for Knee and Ankle Ligament Injuries in Male Youth Soccer Players.
Academic Article Consistency Of Field-Based Measures Of Neuromuscular Control Using Force Plate Diagnostics In Elite Male Youth Soccer Players.
Academic Article A Review Of Field-Based Assessments Of Neuromuscular Control And Their Utility In Male Youth Soccer Players.
Academic Article Characteristics and experiences of interns in strength and conditioning.
Academic Article The Effects of Maturation on Measures of Asymmetry During Neuromuscular Control Tests in Elite Male Youth Soccer Players.
Academic Article Injury prevention in male youth soccer: Current practices and perceptions of practitioners working at elite English academies.
Academic Article Hopping and Landing Performance in Male Youth Soccer Players: Effects of Age and Maturation.
Academic Article Landing Kinematics in Elite Male Youth Soccer Players of Different Chronologic Age and Stage of Maturation.
Academic Article Altered landing mechanics are shown by male youth soccer players at different stages of maturation.
Academic Article Comparison of Drop Jump and Tuck Jump Knee Joint Kinematics in Elite Male Youth Soccer Players: Implications for Injury Risk Screening.
Academic Article Seasonal variation in neuromuscular control in young male soccer players.
Academic Article Using machine learning to improve our understanding of injury risk and prediction in elite male youth football players.
Academic Article Utility of the anterior reach Y-BALANCE test as an injury risk screening tool in elite male youth soccer players.
Academic Article Strength, rate of force development, power and reactive strength in adult male athletic populations post anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction - A systematic review and meta-analysis.
Academic Article Seasonal Variation of Physical Performance and Inter-limb Asymmetry in Professional Cricket Athletes.
Academic Article The Acute Effects of Accentuated Eccentric Loading on Drop Jump Kinetics in Adolescent Athletes.
Academic Article Repetitions in Reserve Is a Reliable Tool for Prescribing Resistance Training Load.
Academic Article Biomechanical Analysis of the Tuck Jump Assessment.
Academic Article Single leg drop jump is affected by physical capacities in male soccer players following ACL reconstruction.
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